New to Hydrogen Water?

New to Hydrogen Water?

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High Desert Mountains, Canned by hand in Oregon, USA.

How much hydrogen am I actually getting?

How much hydrogen am I actually getting?

We've invested 10 years of extensive research to bring you hydrobliss. As a registered B Corp, we're devoted to bringing you the finest hydrogen-rich, pristine primary water, canned by hand in environmentally-friendly aluminum containers.

We've invested 10 years of extensive research to bring you hydrobliss. As a registered B Corp, we're devoted to bringing you the finest hydrogen-rich, pristine primary water, canned by hand in environmentally-friendly aluminum containers.

01 - The best primary hydrogen water (on earth)

We tap our primary water from our artesian well in Oregon's High Desert Mountains and infuse it with the highest levels of Hydrogen gas (on earth).

Primary water is 'earth generated' water formed by hydrogen gasses blending with oxygen deep within the earth’s mantle. It's very different to ground, atmospheric, surface, aquifer or highly recycled waste water because primary water is free from exposure to humans or man-made toxins and environmental pollutants. Go to for more about primary water.

An artesian well is where water flows from under the earth to the surface naturally. Our artesian well supplies our primary hydrogen water without the need for energy-consuming pumps, and we can it by hand, minimzing our energy needs.

Hydrogen water - also known as Hydrogen-rich water - is water that contains higher-than normal levels of dissolved hydrogen gas. In addition to the naturally high levels of hydrogen gas found in our water at source, we boost the levels using our proprietary technology, raising the hydrogen gas content to 6.4ppm - the highest validated level contained in any drinking water on earth.

02. Hydrogen is here to stay

Hydrogen is as old as the earth, but its benefits are only just being realized.

There are over 1500 peer-reviewed scientific studies that show hydrogen's positive impact on health:

- Boosts energy levels
- Improves recovery time after exercise
- Increases sleep quality
- Anti-inflammatory - may reduce risk of heart disease

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You can read studies on the therapeutic effects of hydrogen gas from any of these sources:

  • Molecular Hydrogen Institute
  • PubMed - a database containing more than 37 million citations and abstracts of biomedical and life sciences literature
  • Google Scholar- a search engine that indexes scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines, including peer-reviewed online academic journals and books, conference papers, theses and dissertations
  • Springer- a global publisher of peer-reviewed journals in science, humanities, technical and medical fields

03. Experts in Primary Hydrogen Water

Founder of Hydrobliss - Kevin Williams - has spent over a decade studying the benefits and origins of primary hydrogen water and how to increase the hydrogen content. By working with some of the world's foremost experts in hydrogen water and primary water, Kevin has combined the health benefits of both and is now delighted to share the goodness of Oregon's High Desert Mountain water, with the rest of the world.

Hydrobliss - the name of our primary hydrogen water - comes from our artesian well in the Oregon High Mountain desert. The water originates from deep within the earth where it is naturally formed, and then rises to the surface without the need for energy-intensive pumps. We can it in BPA-free aluminum containers, then ship it straight to your door.

Hydrogen gas has many health benefits which are only recently being discovered and studied further. By infusing our naturally hydrogen-rich primary water with additional hydrogen, we are able to offer the most hydrogen-rich water currently available, anywhere on earth.

The combination of pristine primary water, infused with the highest levels of hydrogen gas, and canned in environmentally friendly aluminum cans, means that hydrobliss is unlike any other water in the world. Get your daily dose of hydrogen health, in earth-made water, in the lowest impact way.

04. Pure. Healthy. Sustainable.

On Earth Inc - the company behind hydrobliss - is a certified B-Corporation. We minimize our impact upon the environment whilst maximizing the positive impact on human health.

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the known universe. That means it easily escapes from glass or plastic containers, reducing the amount of hydrogen contained. Hydrobliss comes in aluminum cans which prevent hydrogen gas escaping, meaning you get a full dose of dissolved hydrogen (between 6mg/l and 6.44 mg/l) when you drink hydrobliss. (That's 1.98 to 2.29 mg of hydrogen gas per 360ml serving (a standard hydrobliss can). Our cans are also BPA-free and - being aluminum - are infinitely recyclable and don't contain or create microplastics.

Water from our well flows naturally to the surface. We tap a miniscule proportion (less than 0.001% of the primary water produced by our artesian well) - infuse it with additional hydrogen gas - and can it in our aluminum containers. Our low-energy methods minimise electricity use and have no negative impact on the local environment.